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Christmas Advent Calendar!!

Howdy!! I can't believe it is nearly Christmas!!

a few years ago we bought a fabric advent calendar from Kikki K during the boxing day sales, the first time we did it the kids were still pretty little I put a mix of toys and chocolate in there and they thought it was pretty great. Last year we had just moved house so life was a little chaotic - I just did chocolates/lollies and we often forgot to check on some days. 

This year in effort to be more organised, and give my already energetic kids less sugar, I have created an activity/treat based advent calendar. I based it around my days at home and days at work to make things more achievable.

And so you can get on board too I'm sharing it here. Feel free to cut out the squares and rearrange and if you'd like a PDF copy rather than image just shoot me a message on socials and I'll send one through.

These activities are by no means original, you can find a plethora of them out there! I found bits and pieces on Instagram and Pinterest and chose the ones I thought would fit best with my family life and I encourage you to do the same 

Also disclaimer I am clearly not a graphic designer I just made it on Canva using their calendar tool so anyone can give it a crack but designers always do it better ;) 

All Grown Up Advent Calendar

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