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Making Play Dough

I have a deep ceded fear of colours mixing, I am sure I am not alone. When it comes to those itty bitty jars of play dough with all the beautiful sparkly colours it legit kills me. As soon as those colours touch well in my mind they just have to go and guys not only isn't it sustainable it is not fun or cheap!! 

So if you have yet to make your own play dough strap in my friends because it is dead easy!!


Children looking at play dough ingredients

Ok guys so the most important thing is to grab yourself a container of cream of tartar. On the back of the container you will find a recipe, and while there are other recipes out there this one is super convenient because it's always there. Your basic ingredients are flour, salt, cooking oil and cream of tartar. 

I'll pop the recipe at the bottom but as I said you will find it on the back of the packet and sometimes even on the salt. 

Now all you do is pop it in a saucepan on low heat and give it a stir. Now I've heard you don't actually need to heat it up but I am yet to try. Just mix until it all kind of sticks together

child mixing play dough with food colouring nearby

Now we usually add food colouring, or spices, or any kind of essence when it's on the stove but this time we were making two colours so we did it when we were kneading. In the past we've experimented with adding things like cinnamon or tumeric to add colour and smell feel free to have a go yourself. 

When you take it off the stove it might still be a bit gooey we turn it onto the table with a bit of extra flour and knead it for a while. It will still be gooey until you clean your work surface and have clean,dry hands. Sometimes we also put it in a container and leave it to rest for a little while  

Child with green play dough

If you have kids like mine they love the process of the gooey mixing even more than when the play dough is actually dough. So it's a good way to get them involved.

I read somewhere with messy play that if you go in with an exit strategy things are a lot less stressful, so we have the rule that we keep it on the table and we wash our hands after we move away. Sounds dead simple right? just make sure they know these rules at the start not the end and everyone will be happy..... somewhat :) 

Child playing with green and blue coloured play dough

et voila awesome taste safe large batch play dough. It keeps for a few months in an air tight container and you could probably compost it when you're done *disclaimer though I haven't tried not sure how the salt would go 

Play Dough Recipe Card All Grown Up  

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